Weekend in Photos!

I had such a LOVELY weekend. Went home (it's been 2 weeks!) since I've missed everything so so much.

When I'm at school I never 'crave' anything, I only eat and do whatever for the sake of it.  I always crave and miss things from home, i.e. food, games, etc.  Check out the above picture! I went to Krispy Kreme with my mom and we bought a dozen of these heart donuts and ate some and gave some to family! Aren't they just adorable? I felt bad for eating them hehehe.

Anyways, this weekend was my mom's birthday so I decided to treat her out to Tap's Fish House and Brewery in Brea, CA.

The restaurant is located in Downtown Brea and it's basically like a Seafood/Steak Brewery type of restaurant, sort of a mesh between BJ's and McCormick and Schmidt's.  The portions there are humongous! We ended up taking home a large doggy bag!  Ordered the appetizer sampler to start off with, it was $30 and it came with a Blue Crab Artichoke Dip (YUM 8/10), Cajun Eggrolls (6/10 pretty big!), and Fried Calamari (9/10 my FAV there was such a light layer of batter I loved it!). 
My parents got Jambalaya ($17) and my brother got Fish and Chips ($17 The FISH was HUGE, it was literally the size of my forearm....O_O) and I got these Sea Scallops ($26?) in the picture above! It had this corn potato layer on the bottom with asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes. I was already super full by then -from the bread and appetizer- and took almost half of it home (^^;;). First time there, and I think my Mom really enjoyed herself she even wants to come back next time to try their Sunday Brunch!

The waiter was super nice and even brought out a 'Birthday Dessert' for my mom, it was REALLY good, one of the best 'free' desserts I've tried. Usually places give like a scoop of ice cream or brownie or something but they gave us this Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich topped with Meringue. REALLY GOOD.

I tried to center it, it's with flash and without flash hehe. Anywho, I would definitely go back to Tap's the prices aren't bad at all for how fresh and delicious the food was and service was superb!

Here's a GPOY of what I wore for the dinner, and my nails! And the new hairband my mom got me. I am in LOVE with this Matte Red Nail Polish. I also wore a sparkly blue top. :D

After that, we went home and totally forgot about the other cake's I bought my mom earlier in the day. A new bakery opened up in RH bordering Diamond Bar and it's called Eat Cake? I'm not really sure but they had the cutest and prettiest cakes I've ever seen. We decided to buy slices of cake instead of a large one just for the sake of quantity, we never finish the large cakes anyways.

The bottom left cake is basically a GIANT macaron cake. The cakes were all decorated so nicely and really cute! They were pretty tasty too, really fresh and flavorful and not too sweet. Another cool thing is that their fruit is all organic and I believe most cakes are gluten-free!

After that was Super Bowl Sunday! I'm not a big fan of NFL football or anything but decided to watch this year just because...of the commercials! They were really cute I especially loved the Doritos' ones and the Audi vampire one LOL. My uncle invited us over to swim and have a BBQ. This uncle is super cool since he loves to splurge on food and we basically had Lobster Mango Salad (he used the tails and the rest was for a yummy Lobster soup), steak, sausage, lamb chops and salmon. I loved the salmon, he paired it with this miso dressing that was super scrumptious. The lobster salad was SO generous, he basically allowed us to take as much as we wanted hehe, and since I love my seafood, HELLO LOBSTER<3

Finally, ended my weekend with a trip to Rose Hills to pay respect to my grandparents. Bought some flowers and headed up to the hills for a lovely view.
  The rest of these photos are random photos from my weekend. First thing I ate on the way home was PHO, I missed it so so much.

Guess what? A NEW Half & Half opened up almost a STREET away from the other one (2 in one city SIGH). I went to visit that one, still not as good as my favourite San Gabriel one, but an okay substitute. I got Taro Pudding and Honey Boba. MEH!

RANDOM! But I was playing XBOX the other day (like always heh) and I was browsing the avatar store and saw a collegiate section. Imagine my surprise to not only see UCLA on there BUT the background of the Collegiate Subsection was a giant picture of Royce Hall!! Super random, I wonder what prompted Microsoft to use Royce as a the background...

Also bought the new Vanity Fair Hollywood Edition. I really loved this one so much I decided to subscribe to a year of Vanity Fair. Hopefully it'll be worth it! Check out the cover, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Also imagine my surprise when I saw Joe in there with Seth and Will HEHEHE I don't know why but this picture cracked me up, maybe its just the randomness of it or perhaps the random model (not pictured) standing in the back watering the lawn...

So, I'll leave you with that lovely picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt because it's super cute and I'll post again soon! I have a midterm on Tuesday (tmrw eek!) that I need to started reading for since I didn't do any of the readings yet. BOO.

I had such a lovely weekend, but it's back to school for another 2 weeks then home-bound again! I think this time when I go back I might go to Disneyland HEHEH!

<33 Vivienne

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