Good Luck

As I'm beginning to stand on my own two feet and stick up for myself, I wish for a bit of good luck to get through this.

Sending good vibes to everyone out there speaking up and becoming their own person.

☕ vivienne


One year later...

It's really amazing to read back on my /one/ post from last year and see what I've become now.  At that time I was fresh out of school and still figuring out what I want to do, what career goals I have, what to do now that I don't have school or friends, etc.


Goodbye "Cushion" - Hello Rediscovery!

This post is long overdue seeing as how I had graduated over two months ago.  


Weekend in Photos!

I had such a LOVELY weekend. Went home (it's been 2 weeks!) since I've missed everything so so much.


One Down!

One down, one more to go...