Beauty Lenses Review

Hello everyone!

I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of Circle Lenses from Beautylenses.com for review.

The lenses that I will be reviewing today are the Magical Enchantment - Grey Lenses from Dueba.  To purchase, please click this link here.

Here are some details:
Manufacturer : Dueba Contact Lens
Material: Soft hydrogel (Poly HEMA), saline.
Moisture Content: 38 ~ 42% Water
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.8
Disposable:  up to 1 Year (depends on frequency of use & care). 

The reason why I chose these lenses is because I needed Circle Lenses that had a prescription for my eyes.  I have nearsightedness  so one very important aspect of the lenses are that they are my correct power.

I ordered the lenses online, and they were shipped and arrived in about a week. I live in CA, so it was very quick.  The package came wrapped in a Bubble Mailer with lots of Bubble Wrap and tape.

Click the cut for pictures of what came in the package.

The lenses came in a small box, with my correct prescription.  There were also instructions included on how to open the lenses as well .

I tried on the lenses at first, they are 14.8 Diameter and was easy to put in my eyes.  I wore them for the entire day, so around 10 hours and I found that  little bit after 8 hours my eyes started to get dry.  However, this usually always happens when I do wear Contact Lenses regularly so I was used to it.

Here are some pictures:

Here are the lenses in the container that came included with the package.

Before on the Right and After on the left.
Notice how large and round they made my eyes, in no flash the color seemed really natural and like my normal eye color.

Here are both lenses on, with flash you can notice my natural eye color showing through in the middle.  However, this is only really noticeable in Flash Photography.  In natural daylight and everyday it looks natural (color wise).

I noticed that these contact lenses (as with most Circle Lenses) look a lot better with more amount of makeup on.  Here is a picture of both lenses in my eyes (with a little bit of photo filters and editing).  You can see how much of a difference it makes afterwards and how doll-like and dewy my eyes look!

Overall, I really like the appearance of these contact lenses.  They are dark enough to hide my brown eye color and large enough to make my eyes look doll-like.  I was wearing it for the past week, and they are like my normal contact lenses - they still dry out my eyes a little after 7-8 hours of wear but that is normal for me.  Overall, really comfortable and I barely felt anything in my eyes after a while.  They look nicer with a little bit more makeup and have such a doll-y effect.

I really recommend these lenses!

Thank you Beautylenses.com for these lenses and for reading as well.
Please check out their website, they are currently have a B1G1 promotion!
They have great customer service and shipping is really fast.
(Did I mention that the shipping is also included?)



chichicho chichicho said...

they look really natural on you and they are huge! love it.

Aiyana Jenkin said...

They look super cute! Thanks for doing this review! :)

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